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  Structure of the Academy
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High School of Fine Arts Attached to GuangzhouAcademy of Fine Arts
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Memorial Hall of Lingnan Paint
High School of Fine Arts Attached to GuangzhouAcademy of Fine Arts

The High School, which originated from School of Fine Arts attached to Central South Institute of Fine Arts, was established in 1954. The schools first principal was Professor Guan Shanyue, the renowned master of traditional Chinese painting. In 1958, it was moved from Wuchang to Guangzhou after which it took on the present name.

Situated at 257 Changgang Dong Lu, the school has a beautiful campus and artistic atmosphere. The schooling lasts three years. The courses include ordinary middle school courses, drawing, sketch, colors, literary theory, basics of design, and the like. It stresses the students power of artistic creation and appreciation. Now the school has 12 classes and 600 students. Among the 71 staff members, there are 55 Teachers, including 2 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 25 Lecturers, 20 MA holders, 1 holder of the title of National Excellent Teacher, and 5 holders of the title of Guangdong Excellent Teacher.

The school regularly organizes the students to do fieldwork in the countryside and paint from nature or life, holds exhibitions of works by both students and teachers, and invites scholars to deliver lectures on fine arts. To make the campus life colorful and interesting, the school regularly holds sports meet, New Years Evening, Campus Singing Contest, and Basketball Match every year. Thanks to the effort of the students union, quite a few student organizations were set up, such as the literary society, cartoon society, and the photograph society.

The School launched programs to train students planning to study abroad. It cooperates with foreign Academies of Fine Arts and develops student painting and language skills before sending them overseas. Now there are two training programs going on C one is preparing students for Italy and the other is for America .

Present leaders

Principal: Wang Jianwei

Secretary of the Party Branch and Concurrently Deputy Principal: Mei Lei

Deputy Principal: Feng Bingwen

Deputy Principal: Li Lianzhong

Telephone: 020-84017852 (office)84018319 (admissions office)

Address257 Changgang Donglu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China168 Waihuan Xilu, Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China