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  Structure of the Academy
School of Traditional Chinese
Department of Oil Painting
Department of Printmaking
Department of Sculpture
Department of Experimental Art
Section of Fine Arts Foundation
School of Architecture and Allied Art
School of Industrial Design
School of Visual Communication and Media Design
School of Art Education
Section of Political Science
College of Continuing Education
High School of Fine Arts Attached to GuangzhouAcademy of Fine Arts
GAFA Art Museum
Art Museum (at the University
Memorial Hall of Lingnan Paint
Art Museum (at the University

As one of the most important art institutions in china, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has over fifty years of history. The Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, is supported by the academy and the other colleges in the University City, It is not only an experimental classroom for teaching and studying, but also a platform for cultural exchanges between the academy and other institutions both at home and abroad. Our Art Museum is a comprehensive one focusing upon exhibitions, collections, academic exchanges and research. The University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts is currently one of the largest among colleges and universities both at home and abroad. The museum covers13762 square meters of floor space, of which 6,000 square meters is for exhibition space. It has a fixed, linear running wall space in length of 1200 meters, The exhibition halls are as high as 5.6 meters by 3.2 meters respectively , and they are equipped with safe and advanced, monitoring and illuminating systems in accordance with international standards and specifications. Since it opened in 2005, it has been successful in curating and hosting about 60 exhibitions. In 2007, our Art Museum will build an advanced depository incompliance with the international standards and specifications. These pictures are about the plan of our depository.
Every year, all level leads and colleagues visit our Art Museum. The head of ten Academy of Fine Arts, Zhu Rongji, former Premier of the State Council, Ye Xuanping, Former vice chairman of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference(CPPC), Cheng Siwei, the Counsellor of the Culture Exchange department of the Ministry of Culture, the Estonian Vice Ministry of Culture and other officials and The curator of Mexican National Art Museum and his delegates, have successively inspected the University City Art museum.
In order to meet the requirements of the training and research system in the academy, the collection of the University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, is oriented to all kinds of traditional art and contemporary art works Including famous artists works as well as many undergraduates works.
   Introduction to Exhibition Halls
   Situated at the eastern side of the square at the main entrance of the University City campus, the University City Art Museum has four floors composed of ten exhibition halls, two south-to-north aisles and an underground hall. The linear running walls are from 88 to 160 meters long in different halls and the aisles are 7.2 meters wide. The elevator is installed in the center of the museum linking all four floors. 



Composition of the Gallery
Ground Floor : Exhibition Halls No.1, 2, 3 and 4
First Floor : Exhibition Halls No.5 and 6, Aisle Exhibition Hall
Second Floor : Exhibition Halls No.7 and 8
Third Floor : Exhibition Halls No.9 and 10
-1 Floor : Underground Exhibition Halls
  Situated at the front end of the ground floor of the main entrance, Exhibition Halls No. 1 and 2 are on both sides of the middle passageway. Both of them are among the four high-ceiling exhibition halls of the art museum. They are adaptable to the presentation of large theme works.
  Exhibition halls No. 3 and 4 are on the eastern side of the ground floor. The square halls are adaptable to the presentation of print works and multi-media works.
  Neighboring the aisle exhibition hall, Exhibition Halls No. 5 and 6 on the eastern side of the first floor are adaptable to the presentation of documentation and affiliated exhibitions of large exhibitions.
  On the western side of the second floor, Exhibition Halls 7 and 8 are unique exhibiting spaces. Their total floorage is 920 square meters and their south to north span length is 56 meters. The natural light illuminates both halls from the top ceiling. The combination of building structure with the natural light highlights the relationship between light, shadow and the structure.
  By a rational use of natural light from the top ceiling with artificial illumination, Exhibition Halls No. 9 and 10 on the eastern side of the third floor have harmonious light, which are adaptable to the presentation of contemporary works such as decorative, multi-media and photographic exhibitions.
  The South and North aisle exhibition halls are on the first floor, which have good ventilation and light. They are adaptable to the presentation of large works as high as 8 meters. 

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